#33 The Making of Babel fish candy for Towel Day 2016


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On our equipment from the late 1800’s we make a batch of Victorian fish that are pina colada flavored. We are using equipment one of our oldest peice of equipment, dating from before the civil war. You can buy our candies at

Now for the rules for our on-line Poetry Contest.


The Vogon Poetry contest.

Rules: The worst original poem will win as judged by us. No appeal is possible.

Poems must be both posted to this thread, and sent to vogon@pd.net to be considered for this contest. We must get the poems by midnight on the 24th, Eastern Daylight Time (GMT-5). Late entries will go to the spam folder.

Contestants will be judged on the 25th at the Slam. They will be judged by the staff of Lofty Pursuits and anyone who is standing around and willing to judge. There tends to be a very small willing judging pool. If you come to Lofty Pursuits that night and plan to try to swing the judging by becoming a judge; bring beer.

We hold the right to narrow the contestants before the slam. I admit to being unclear on if the number of contents will be narrowed, or each of the contestants themselves will be narrowed. It stands to be an interesting night.

All winners give us the right to do whatever we want with the poems.

Haiku’s may be judged in a sub category.

We plan to edit this description and post the winners. Depending on the amount of beer that it will take to judge this contest, that may take a few days. Be patient
We will e-mail the winner and let them know if they won to get their shipping address. We will send candy. No idea how much candy. I think it depends on where you live. If you are overseas, we may be cheap and send the lightest package possible.

Short poems have a better chance of making the cut to be read and judged.

Longer poems have a better chance of burning longer to start that evenings bonfire.

Paul Neil Milne Johnstone is no longer allowed to enter poems.

All poems must meet 1986 minivan safety standards. Do not taunt poems.

There is no judging criteria, but this is in a kid friendly shop. Non-kid friendly poems will not be considered.

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