Webinar: How to Make the Renovation Wave a Success


In the Renovation Wave action plan released in October 2020, the European Commission declared its ambition to at least double renovation rates and ensure that 35 million buildings across Europe are renovated by 2030.

The plan unveiled a promising range of regulatory, financial and structural measures to accelerate European renovation. This will be crucial to reducing the environmental impact of buildings, which currently account for 36% of energy-related greenhouse gas emissions in the EU.

In this World Green Building Council webinar broadcast on 19 November, with a lineup of built environment and policy experts, we discussed what action must be taken for the Renovation Wave to be successful and fulfil its ambition.

We also looked at how the local, data-based approach of Build Upon2, which is working with 8 pilot cities across Europe to measure the diverse benefits of building renovation on a local level, can be a key tool to deliver the Wave on the ground.

Webinar schedule:

Audrey Nugent (Moderator), Head of Advocacy, WorldGBC European Network

Stefan Moser – Head of Unit, Energy Efficiency, European Commission
Renovation Wave: Greening our Buildings, Creating Jobs, Improving Lives

Adrian Joyce – Campaign Director, Renovate Europe
An Appraisal of the Renovation Wave Strategy – Focus: Area-Based Approaches

Celine Carré – Head of Public Affairs, Saint Gobain
Making our policies fit for the Renovation Wave

Marion Jammet – Programme Manager, Build Upon2, Irish Green Building Council
Delivering the Renovation Wave – The Role of Cities

Giovanni Vicentini – Sustainability Technical Officer, Municipality of Padova
Monitoring renovation progress in the Municipality of Padova