Property Matters 25/09/20: Pensions Awareness Week special


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On Property Matters this week, Carol Tallon is joined by guest co-host Feargal McKenna, Head of Debt Advisory at Beacon Capital to mark Pensions Awareness week. Pensions Awareness Week is an initiative to raise awareness about retirement planning, and help people take charge of their long-term saving



Guests included:

Ralph Benson, Co-Founder and Head of Financial Advice, Moneycube to talk about pensions for people in the planning, construction, and real estate sectors: building a pension based around property but managing the risks on that (how do you invest the rent, fresh contributions, avoid too much exposure to the single asset etc)

Aengus Burns, Advisory Partner at Grant Thornton to discuss tax efficient property investment via pension: Structuring a small self administered pension scheme (“SSAPS”)

Eugene Davy, Principal at Primera Capital to focus on social housing, perhaps being a pensions opportunity, as opposed to GT who would look after the administrative side, Primera have first hand experience of arranging a property transaction for a SSAPS on the commercial side.

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Listen back here:—Pensions-Awareness-Week-Special-ek5et5

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