IRISH CUBA / History of the Irish in Cuba


In this video-documentary we’ll be viewing some beautiful places in Havana and other cities of Cuba while revisiting part of the Cuban-European heritage, a comprised account and highlights of the Irish immigration to the island, the things, cities and towns they helped build and their influence on the Spanish-European derived Cultural side of that country.

Irish visitors to Cuba often remark on the identification they feel with the warmth and sense of fun of ordinary Cubans. After all, 80% of Spanish Cubans descend from Celtic influenced provinces of Spain such as Galicia and Asturias.

The history of the Irish in Cuba can be traced to the early years of the Spanish conquest of America. There are many curious and fascinating links between the two island nations of Ireland and Cuba.

Of the Irish that settled in Cuba, many of them and their families became an integral and important part of Cuban society and its history. Many were given Nobel titles by the Spanish Crown or inserted themselves in to Cuban Nobility by marriage. They were very active in Cuba’s political world, the Irish immigration to the island greatly contributed to build Cuba’s infrastructure.

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