Ireland: Investing in Europe’s Fastest Growing Economy


In this video we cover the economy of Ireland and ways to invest in the country. Ireland has been one of the fastest growing countries in the world in recent years. The Irish economy has been nicknamed the Celtic Phoenix due to such rapid growth.

The Logical Finance Risk and Opportunity scores are a weighted average of the referenced service providers and my score. I converted the non-numerical scores to a percentage base from 0-100. So if there were 5 risk categories (A, B, C, D, E), A would be 0 points, B would be 25 points, etc. I used this to standardize the scoring to be useful comparison for other countries. The weightings include:

45% – Coface Country Risk Assessment
45% – AM Best Risk Rating
10% – My score

45% – World Bank Ease of Doing Business
45% – MSU MPI
10% – My score

Resources include:

Coface –
AM Best –
World Bank –
MSU Global Resources –
Fantastic lecture on Ireland (2018) –
Another good lecture (2014) –

Various articles

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