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What is an HVAC cleanroom?
HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. It is a general term for indoor environmental comfort, which provides indoor air quality (air changes per hour, temperature, and humidity). 
Conventional vs. cleanroom HVAC
Similar to standard HVAC, the HVAC of a cleanroom controls the temperature and the humidity to different levels of precision to create a comfortable environment. Along with comfort, cleanroom HVACs differentiate themselves from conventional systems by their increased air supply, airflow patterns, the use of high efficiency filters, and room pressurization. The increased air supply brings more air changes per hour with HEPA filtered air circulating into the cleanroom many times per hour. In comparison, a conventional HVAC system usually counts two to four air changes per hour, whereas in a cleanroom it can range anywhere from 15 to 250 or more.
Choose/design the appropriate system
HVAC design is driven by the required cleanliness of the room (ISO class) but also by the required temperature, humidity, and pressure differential. These conditions are dictated by the process involved in the cleanroom and the comfort of the personnel working inside the room.
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