How To Invest In Property At A Young Age | 9 Buy To Let UK Property Investing Tips With Tony Law


In this video, I answer the question – “how to invest in property at a young age” and give you 9 tips to help get you started at buy to let property investing so you can build your own property business – because right now – I feel there’s some great opportunities in the property market.


So here they are…

1. Speak to a competent (independent) mortgage broker
2. Learn how to calculate “Return On Investment” (ROI)
3. Could you JV with family and/or friends?
4. Go and see 10 properties THIS WEEK!
5. Look for places where you can add real tangible value
6. Look for “problem properties”
7. Could you turn a one bedroom flat into a two bedroom flat
8. Could you buy somewhere bigger… and rent out the rooms?
9. Document everything!

It can be challenging learning how to invest in property at a young age, but it CAN be done. The important thing is to take action – every day – and it must be action that moves you towards your property investing goals, so you can build your own portfolio as a landlord and become financially free.

In my opinion Property investment is NEVER a “passive income” but again in my opinion… it’s a wonderful way to live your life – providing quality rental property (real estate) and living off the rental income

I hope you found this one helpful… Tony Law | Your First Four Houses

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