CTBUH 2013 London Conference – Peter Wynne Rees, "City Planning and Tall Buildings"


June 11, 2013. London, UK. The City of London has been at the center of the debate on “tall versus historic” over the past two decades, as witnessed by a number of now evocative words; Gherkin, St. Pauls, Cheese-grater, Prince Charles, Walkie-Talkie, etc. In this presentation we gain insight on some of the significant challenges of achieving a balance between height & heritage, from the person who, perhaps more than any other, has been responsible in recent times for guiding this unique one-square-mile in the historic heart of London. As explained by Peter Rees; “The City Planning Officer acts as Custodian for 4000 years of architectural history. But only 2000 of those years have happened yet…”

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