CouncilMatters talks the Irish fetish about property with Odran Reid.


If one person’s meat is another’s poison nowhere is this proposition better illustrated than in the area of Irish property. At one end of the market fortunes have rapidly been accumulated, while at the other increasing numbers of families and individuals are been recorded as HOMELESS and being obliged to sleep rough or live in hotels or B&B’s.

Odran Reid, a lecturer in planning at DIT and a member of Dublin City Council’s Planning and Property Development Strategic Policy Committee is well qualified to speak authoritatively on the subject. He joined Mick FitzGerald in the CouncilMatters studio to address what’s been termed the “Irish property fetish”.

Odran’s messages are simple and succinct “Housing crisis must be solved to avoid another collapse in residential property prices while the State’s passivity in addressing housing issues is economically and socially dangerous

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