Animal repellent for problem visitors in the garden – Dave's MASTERS Method


MASTERS – Multi-Aspect Sensory-Targeted Enemy Response System. Having a problem with deer or other unwelcome animals turning your “red gold” into brown gold? Fences a bit unsightly? Here’s a deer (or any animal) repellent technique for the backyard garden using a motion-activated water sprinkler ( I bought it on amazon), along with a homemade piece, a couple of pie plates with a bar of Irish Spring soap inside to serve up a nasty dose of sound (sprinkler and drum sound from water hitting pie pans), sight (the water spout and the wobbling, spinning pie pans with a scary face sporting fangs), smell (irish spring soap), taste (irish spring soap) and touch (water spray).

This allows the attacker (you!) to hit on all of the intruder’s senses at once. An overwhelming display of force. The proverbial “Shock and Awe”.

Message to intruder: You are not welcome here!

The sprinkler works like it is supposed to, and the pie plates add another angle to trying to get a handle on problem animals. Water enters into the holes I made for the “eyes” on the pie pans. It drips over the soap and exits throungh a little hole on the bottom of the pie pans. After the sprinkler goes off, you can definitely see and smell soapy water dripping from the bottom of the pie pans. Some of the diluted soapy water may get sprayed on the enemy as it drips out the bottom of the pie pans during an event., whicjh is a beautiful thing. The plants emerge completely untainted.

This method is much easier than periodic application of scent deterrents. I also believe it is less expensive than some of the commercial scents over the long haul The only real expense is the motion-activated sprinkler, which I’ve seen for as little as $40.

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