AFCTA – Economic benefits to expect – Dr. Andrew Nevin


Dr. Andrew Nevin is an Economic Expert and Public Affairs Analyst. Raised in modest circumstances in a mid-sized city in Canada, Andrew has become one of Canada’s leading global thinkers, with a unique and comprehensive range of experiences and perspectives.
He has been a management consultant, a private equity investor, and run four companies, working across almost every industry. He has lived and worked in Toronto, Hong Kong, Beijing, Paris, London, and now Lagos and has run businesses in Tokyo, Shanghai, and Sydney. Through Com Dev, one of Canada’s premier aerospace companies, Andrew was the first institutional investor to see and lead an investment that ultimately gave an ownership stake in RIM (now Blackberry) in 1995. He was also President of United Family Hospitals, China’s first and leading international hospital group, including through the remarkable SARS period in 2003. At PwC, where he is based now, he led the development of their perspective on the 2008 Great Financial Crisis and has worked on national level issues for the financial system in 2 countries (Nigeria and Ireland). He created the first version of Megatrends for PwC globally (2010), as well as leading the writing of PwC’s report on Revitalizing Corporate Japan (2012).
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