9. Starting Out in Property, the Mindset you Need to Get Started


Behind The Facade is dedicated to exploring the mental game and essential mindset critical to success in property investment & development. Hosted by veteran real estate entrepreneur Gavin J Gallagher, whose own career spans 25 years across a full spectrum of international assets and projects, this podcast aims to impart valuable insights and actionable strategies for building wealth in a structured and sustainable manner. Delivered through a combination of guest interviews and Gavin’s own uniquely authentic and personal war stories of both his successes and failures, each week the show will cover a topics through the lens of innovation, inspiration or impact.

In this weeks episode Gavin hosts the first of a 3 part series on “starting out as a property investor”, how to accumulate the capital for your first deposit, the myth of zero cash down investing and some tips on developing the mindset needed to succeed in this business. Mentioned in the podcast are Jason Graystone’s Always Free Podcast and Ed Burke, Irish PropTech founder and CEO of RooMigo.io – both Jason and Ed are members of our “Behind The Facade Community”, a private Facebook Group with exclusive content for listeners of this podcast.

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