299 | Sell Everything And Run? Brand New Update From Leah Calnan, President of REIV


Attention! Buyers, Sellers, Real Estate Agents, Property Managers and pretty much anyone else interested in real estate (especially if you’re from Vic!)…
… this is a MUST listen episode!

That’s right folks.
We’re here with another critical update on the health of our property market… and what’s breaking news when it comes to property transactions and inspections…

… Plus, the damage faced to the Australian banking system now it’s a COVID-19 “shock absorber”… and what this means in the short term and longer term.
To help us with today’s very special Q & A is returning guest, President of Real Estate Institute of Victoria [REIV] Leah Calnan!

(…yep, it’s only been a week since we last chatted with Leah… but with this rapidly changing environment here in Vic, she has more updates & clarity on What Can & Can’t Be Done During Stage 4 Restrictions In Property)!!!

So. Is it time to Sell Everything & Run?? ?‍♂‍??

Or, realistically… is it time to flog everything and move to Queensland?! (seriously, though… is it?)

Listen here:

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